Kids Yoga Cornwall takes yoga into schools for workshops and clubs. We run children’s yoga clubs on Saturdays in Truro. We take our sessions out and about to events and festivals. Kids Yoga Cornwall also offers Yoga Play Dates, Family Yoga and Yoga Birthday Parties.

The benefits of yoga for children are overwhelming. It boosts children’s confidence while minimising anxiety, stress and even depression. Yoga provides them with tools to manage everyday obstacles & become better problem solvers. Physically, yoga improves strength, balance and overall fitness.

Yoga for children is slightly different than yoga for adults. To keep the children engaged, yoga needs to be fun! We are able to keep the classes exciting while incorporating different yoga techniques such as breathing, meditation & poses in every class.

We utilise different medias throughout the class to keep it exciting for the children. They learn different yoga techniques through story-telling, books, songs, games and crafts. We use partner poses and sharing time to inspire mindfulness.

8+ Yoga is a bridge between childhood and adolescence. It helps kids understand what’s going on, gives them time to step back from the everyday, and helps them start to see themselves and their bodies in a healthy context. We move towards a more adult style yoga as they mature physically and mentally, engaging with yoga on a deeper level. We look at topics children are studying at school, and issues for the age group like growing up. We include sequences and postures that are more typical of an adult yoga class.

Most importantly, in addition to Yoga being beneficial, it can be creative and fun!

Kids Yoga Cornwall is proud to be a Devon & Cornwall Children’s University learning destination.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Alison Motherwell says:

    Hi I was wondering if you did any parent and child classes. My daughter is 8 with visual impairment and high anxiety I was looking for something we could do together to de-stress . We live in st austell

    • kids yoga cornwall says:

      Hi Alison,
      We do offer family yoga sessions. These are private sessions for parents that would like to join in with their children. If you are interested in booking let us know and we can set a date!

  2. Zara Maddock-Wills says:


    Do you offer parent and child classes at all? Myself and my daughter would like to do Yoga together (daughter is nearly 7).

    • kids yoga cornwall says:

      Hi Zara,

      We currently don’t offer a parent and child class as it’s not something there is much demand for. However we can offer you a private family session in a location of your choice or in our studio space. This costs £40 for an hour session.

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