Shuni’s experience and professionalism made her the perfect yoga instructor to lead four sessions for students at my school. I asked Shuni if she would put together four one-hour workshops and she proposed a routine that would suit both boys and girls, some with experience and others with none. The students were aged between  11-19 years old and Shuni was great at adapting the postures for their varying abilities. It allowed all students to challenge themselves with emphasis on the position of the body rather than pulling the perfect pose. The students all came away feeling excited at the positive effect the yoga class had on them and to have met such an encouraging and passionate teacher. Thanks you so much from all of us, it was such an enjoyable afternoon!

Emily Hargreaves

Teacher of Geography, Resident House Tutor Malvern, Truro School.

It was great to meet you at our family day. Thanks so much for delivering the two yoga workshops for the group, and for providing the materials to make those lovely lavender eye pillows, which suffused the hall with such a wonderful aroma! I thought the yoga workshops were really well pitched to the group and I really liked the way you wove in the story-telling element, which helped to keep the young people’s interest during the session and made it lots of fun too. I felt it also provided a wonderful space for the parents to interact with their children away from the temptation of screens and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I know there were several yoga converts by the end of the day!

Rebecca Thurgur 

Action for Blind People – Children, Young People & Families Coordinator, South West Region.

Shuni has been running an after-school club at our school for three terms now. We have had KS1 and KS2 children attending. The children that have attended have really enjoyed their sessions and talked enthusiastically about the club. The feedback from parents has also been very positive. The children really enjoy the creative aspects of the club as well as learning techniques to be calm, relaxed and positive. As a teacher, I have noticed the positive effects that it has had on our children.

Shuni has a very warm and welcoming approach and the children feel comfortable around her. She puts them at ease and creates a positive and calm environment in an otherwise busy and hectic space. Shuni is extremely professional and has worked very well in our school, fitting into our environment very nicely.

We will be continuing with Yoga in September and are really hoping to increase interest in the club further, both as an after-school club and also class based sessions.

Jade Palmer,

Year 1 Class Teacher and Clubs Co-ordinator, Archbishop Benson C of E School.

We arranged for Shuni to spend a whole day with us, running a workshop for the whole school. Each class (year R-6) were allocated a session of yoga.

The feedback from pupils and parents was extremely positive. All year groups said that they benefited from the relaxation parts of the session, even our very youngest children.
Shuni has since returned to school and has been running an after-school yoga club. the club is currently over-subscribed and has a waiting list. All the children participating in the club talk very enthusiastically about their experiences so far. We have also found that pupils with special educational needs and speech and language difficulties, including selective mutism, have thrived through taking part: Shuni has been very sensitive to their needs and has provided incredibly useful feedback for teachers.
Shuni is extremely professional and has slotted into school life very easily. which has been fantastic for teachers and pupils alike.
It has been a real pleasure seeing the children benefit from the yoga sessions and it is something we are hoping to continue and expand.
Chloe Waller,
Reception Class Teacher and Sports Co-ordinator, St Mary’s C of E School.

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