Nature Box

The “Nature Box” is the second of our Kids Yogi Boxes

What’s in this box?

There are 3 breathing exercises to use.
•Bee Breath
•Bunny Breath
•Pinwheel Breath with pinwheel to practice!

Yoga Pose Cards. All the yoga poses in the Nature Box are “Nature themed” poses. Each pose comes with instructions. The “Yoga Bods” are left empty for you to colour, customise and keep.

Yoga Dice – make and roll the dice to strike a pose

Know Your Nature Poses – reflect on what you have learnt

There are 3 little crafty activities in this box, which develop fine motor skills,
encourage focus and concentration.

Make a Seed Bomb
Frog Fly Catcher
Grow Your Own Veg

There are 3 themed guided relaxations in this box. Grab a blanket, a pillow and get cosy. Let your imagination take you on a journey to a restful place.

Squeeze & Let Go
Magic Seed
Flying Carpet

Etsy link:
Available to order now!

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