☘Happy St Patrick’s Day☘
 Today why not be a rainbow 🌈

This is one of our yogis favourite guided relaxations. We have a different one at the end of each fun filled class! 

The yogis call it “blanket time”. We snuggle down with soft blanket, close our eyes, slow our breathing and relax.

Be A Rainbow

Red: You are strong & safe

Orange: You are happy & playful 

Yellow: You are proud & confident

Green: You are kind & caring

Blue: You are honest & truthful 

Indigo: You are clever and creative

Violet: You are a good friend

Relax and close your eyes and go inside. Slow down your breathing… sigh, ahhh… let go and melt into the floor.

Imagine you are walking down a beautiful path. A storm is clearing and you see a rainbow. Stand under it and let its warm, bright light fill you with happiness.

You are connected to all life. You are a rainbow too. ❤️💛💚💙💜

  • Yoga Pretzels, Baron Baptiste 

Namasté 🙏

Pose Of The Month

Star Pose ⭐️ 
Star pose is a fantastic stretch for the whole body, it helps to build up strength also improving your balance.

We start by standing in mountain pose with arms by your side, standing straight, tall and strong. Then take a deep breath in, when you breath out, jump your arms and feet out wide, like your body is a star. Feet out wide to stretch your legs, stretch your arms away from each other, straight and strong. Stretch out your hands and twinkle your fingers. Take a few breaths here. Shine bright! 🌟

Then if you like you can take this to Falling Star Pose. Slide your right leg backwards and raise it a little bit upwards from the floor, shifting your body weight onto your left leg. Lean over towards your left leg, twinkling your fingers, stretching your left hand down towards your left leg, as you stretch slowly down to the foot. Take care to listen to your body and not stretch to quickly, our bodies open up more when we breathe lots! When you are ready, swap legs and twinkle to the other side. Then come back up and stretch back into Star Pose.

Star Pose is often paired with Rocket Pose in our classes. To move the body from Star, jump in the legs and bring arms together over your head, then back to stretch out in Star. Like doing jumping jacks! See how quickly your heart starts to beat as you switch from pose to pose.