Thank you! 

A big thank you to all the yogis tall and small that attended the Summer Series Saturday Club this August. 

Also a massive thank you to Dan and Ori at Breathe Health and Fitness. Their kindness and support has been amazing, we are so lucky to be able to use their wonderful studio in the heart of Truro to hold the Saturday clubs in.

We have had some wonderful adventures in the Breathe studio this summer, from going to a bug ball, searching for underwater treasure to going on jungle treks! We even had a rainy day yoga class, where the yogis completed yoga obstical challenges, to use up all that energy!!

On one lovely sunny day we took the class outside to a park. Practicing yoga outside is a great way to connect to the world around us and use our imaginations. It gives us time to breathe in the fresh air, connect to our bodies, welcome peace into our hearts and welcome new friends to share yoga with. Yoga in the park is a great way to play, it helps us connect to our playfulness and creativity.

This summer we also worked on relaxation. Relaxation for children can be difficult, but allowing them to explore relaxation in our Zen Den, and using different techniques like restorative yoga poses, props, eye pillows, music and guided imagery are just a few ways we can explore relaxation in our bodies and minds. Everyone needs to find their own way to relax and be themselves. Each of us has a deeply peaceful and calm space within us that we can tap into when we consciously connect. Take time to find that space within and share it with the world around you.

Kids Yoga Cornwall Saturday Club @Breathe will resume with a new 4 week series Autumn Term. All dates, prices and info is shown on the website. Book in to guarantee a space.

We would love for your yogi to join us for some more amazing adventures!!


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