We are very excited to be part of Devon & Cornwall’s Children’s University Festival of Fun!!

Join us for our Easter Eggstravaganza ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

We will be holding 2 special sessions on Saturday April 7th

• Ages 8+ 13.15 to 14.15

• Ages 4+ 14.30 to 15.30

Booking is essential as spaces are limited.

1 hour session £5 per child


FREE if your child is a CU passport holder (bring passport along for stamp)

For our littlest yogis 4+

Children’s yoga is slightly different than yoga for adults. To keep the children engaged, yoga needs to be fun! We are able to keep the classes exciting while incorporating different yoga techniques such as breathing, meditation & poses in every class. We utilise different medias throughout the class to keep it exciting for the children. They learn different yoga techniques through story-telling, books, songs, games and crafts. We use partner poses and sharing time to inspire mindfulness.

The next step in their yoga journey. Helping the 8+ yogis understand themselves and their bodies better.

We include sequences and postures that are more typical of an adult yoga class. Still with lots of fun with yoga props and craft.

Frozen Yoga❄️

We had a absolutely amazing Saturday Club this week! It was the final session of this year at @breathe_hq. We went on a fabulous Frozen adventure!!! We dressed up and shared all our magical moves! ❄️

If your little yogi would like to join us on our next amazing adventure please call to book as spaces are limited.


See our 2017 schedule at:


Namasté 🙏

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Happy Halloween! 

Happy Halloween!!! Join us this Saturday for the start of our next 6 week series 

We are holding a special Halloween Yoga Party!! 🎃👻🕸

Come in a costume if you dare for some spooktacular fun!! 

Book now for a wicked time. 

Saturday 5/11

2pm to 3pm @breathe_hq Truro 

£5 per child

Ages 4 to 10

Call or text 07974195210

Yoga Parties!

Kids Yoga Cornwall now offer fun and unique parties for children celebrating their birthdays!
A typical Kids Yoga Cornwall party takes children on magical adventures using the power of storytelling, imagination, and moves inspired by yoga! Once your child has been on their adventure they can unwind with a selection of fun party games and then finish off with a short relaxation time, so everyone can go home feeling calm and chilled.

There are a wide range of themes available that can be tailored to suit your child’s interests and hobbies. Kids Yoga Cornwall parties are flexible, whether it’s a specific time or size of party we can accommodate your needs.

Make your little Yogi’s birthday extra special with a Kids Yoga Cornwall party!

Please check our prices page for cost.


 ☘Happy St Patrick’s Day☘
 Today why not be a rainbow 🌈

This is one of our yogis favourite guided relaxations. We have a different one at the end of each fun filled class! 

The yogis call it “blanket time”. We snuggle down with soft blanket, close our eyes, slow our breathing and relax.

Be A Rainbow

Red: You are strong & safe

Orange: You are happy & playful 

Yellow: You are proud & confident

Green: You are kind & caring

Blue: You are honest & truthful 

Indigo: You are clever and creative

Violet: You are a good friend

Relax and close your eyes and go inside. Slow down your breathing… sigh, ahhh… let go and melt into the floor.

Imagine you are walking down a beautiful path. A storm is clearing and you see a rainbow. Stand under it and let its warm, bright light fill you with happiness.

You are connected to all life. You are a rainbow too. ❤️💛💚💙💜

  • Yoga Pretzels, Baron Baptiste 

Namasté 🙏


Our theme this month in class is gratitude. This is a wonderful opportunity to talk to the little yogis about family, friends, sharing, giving and receiving.

“Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fufilled life”          Jack Canfield 

I am very conscious that my family is very privileged. We live in a safe place, in a comfortable home, where we have healthy food and access to a quality education. I hope by talking to the yogis, and learning about gratefulness, they see and appreciate the fortunate lives we lead.

Learning about gratitude can come from discussion, reading books, doing related kids activities and sending thank you cards. It can also come from doing breathing techniques and practicing yoga poses. Gratitude can be intergrated into our thoughts, words and actions, ultimately becoming part of our lifestyle. 

Disscusions in class this month will focus on what we are grateful for in our day, like: “What a beautiful sunny day. We are so grateful to live here”. Or ” Wasn’t our friend kind to bring us some cake. What a lovely thing to do”. By pointing out the beauty in our lives, we show how to be grateful for experiences, not just what we own. We hope to instill the practice of thinking carefully about things we desire versus things we need. We can alter our speech to include “would like” instead of “want”. We disscuss what happens when we outgrow clothes and toys, we talk about passing on the goods to another child or charity. We talk about not wasting food and composting. 

The power of gratitude is transformative for everyone, so ask your little yogi every day what they are grateful for and see what beautiful answers they come up with, share with them what you are grateful for in your life. It can be the smallest thing to the biggest. We all have so much to be grateful for. 


Pose Of The Month

Star Pose ⭐️ 
Star pose is a fantastic stretch for the whole body, it helps to build up strength also improving your balance.

We start by standing in mountain pose with arms by your side, standing straight, tall and strong. Then take a deep breath in, when you breath out, jump your arms and feet out wide, like your body is a star. Feet out wide to stretch your legs, stretch your arms away from each other, straight and strong. Stretch out your hands and twinkle your fingers. Take a few breaths here. Shine bright! 🌟

Then if you like you can take this to Falling Star Pose. Slide your right leg backwards and raise it a little bit upwards from the floor, shifting your body weight onto your left leg. Lean over towards your left leg, twinkling your fingers, stretching your left hand down towards your left leg, as you stretch slowly down to the foot. Take care to listen to your body and not stretch to quickly, our bodies open up more when we breathe lots! When you are ready, swap legs and twinkle to the other side. Then come back up and stretch back into Star Pose.

Star Pose is often paired with Rocket Pose in our classes. To move the body from Star, jump in the legs and bring arms together over your head, then back to stretch out in Star. Like doing jumping jacks! See how quickly your heart starts to beat as you switch from pose to pose.


Double boat pose


This pose is a wonderful way to connect to your partner. Boat pose strengthens our core muscles, gives us balance and stretches our legs. As with any balance pose, focus, breathe and move slowly, one step at a time. Remind each other you are here to help. It can be tempting to rock the boat or tip over, so breathe together and if you fall, roll and laugh then try again! We all feel the boat rocking from time to time, but the key is to breathe and focus till the water becomes calm again.

Sit up tall on your bottom facing one another with your knees bent, touching toes to toes and hold hands. 

Lift one foot up and press into your partners foot, sole to sole. Lifting your legs between your arms and balance. Then connect the other two feet together, lift and balance. 

Take a big breath in and draw your tummy towards your spine to activate your belly muscles and breathe out.

Now you are balancing with the help of your partner and if it feels ok for your body, you can straighten your legs a little more. Keep holding onto each other tightly. Be sure to stay afloat for as long as you can!

Talk to your partner and tell them when you are ready to come down. Together make the slow transition out of the pose, let go of your partners hands and let your feet release to the floor. You did it, double boat pose! 

Next time try different positions with your legs to create different kinds of boats. 

Kids Yoga Cornwall yogis always work as a team! Continue to encourage one another and do your very best.


Thank you! 

A big thank you to all the yogis tall and small that attended the Summer Series Saturday Club this August. 

Also a massive thank you to Dan and Ori at Breathe Health and Fitness. Their kindness and support has been amazing, we are so lucky to be able to use their wonderful studio in the heart of Truro to hold the Saturday clubs in.

We have had some wonderful adventures in the Breathe studio this summer, from going to a bug ball, searching for underwater treasure to going on jungle treks! We even had a rainy day yoga class, where the yogis completed yoga obstical challenges, to use up all that energy!!

On one lovely sunny day we took the class outside to a park. Practicing yoga outside is a great way to connect to the world around us and use our imaginations. It gives us time to breathe in the fresh air, connect to our bodies, welcome peace into our hearts and welcome new friends to share yoga with. Yoga in the park is a great way to play, it helps us connect to our playfulness and creativity.

This summer we also worked on relaxation. Relaxation for children can be difficult, but allowing them to explore relaxation in our Zen Den, and using different techniques like restorative yoga poses, props, eye pillows, music and guided imagery are just a few ways we can explore relaxation in our bodies and minds. Everyone needs to find their own way to relax and be themselves. Each of us has a deeply peaceful and calm space within us that we can tap into when we consciously connect. Take time to find that space within and share it with the world around you.

Kids Yoga Cornwall Saturday Club @Breathe will resume with a new 4 week series Autum Term. All dates, prices and info is shown on the website. Book in to guarantee a space.

We would love for your yogi to join us for some more amazing adventures!!



Namasté means that we see the goodness in ourselves and recognise the goodness in each other. It is more than a pose, it’s a feeling. When we bring our hands to our hearts, we are reminded of the feelings of thankfulness for all the amazing things, people and places in our lives. Namasté is a very special way to see the light within one another and we always bring our hands to our hearts to recognise that beauty, love, peace and joy that lives within us!

So sit up tall and bring your hands together at your heart. Breathe into your body and be happy that you are your wonderful self!

We bring our hands to our head to remember to think good thoughts.

We bring our hands to our mouth to remember to say nice words.

We bring our hands to our hearts to remember to feel good feelings

Bow your head gently to your hands and say Namasté!

At the end of class we love to sing this little song:

I thank you for coming  to yoga today,


I see the good in you and you see the good in me!

I thank you for coming to yoga today,